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About Matt Solarczyk

Matt’s transformation from a compassionate nurse to a visionary business executive underpins his consulting ethos. As a registered nurse, Matt was intimately involved in the care of patients, witnessing firsthand the profound impact of beliefs on personal health and recovery. This deep understanding of human psychology and healthcare dynamics sparked his interest in broader systemic changes, leading him to pursue business consulting.

Business Consulting:

Matt’s journey towards entrepreneurship and business consulting started in the midst of his nursing career. Fascinated by the intricate strategies and decision-making processes that shape a business’s trajectory, Matt ventured into entrepreneurship. He founded a nursing media company, authored numerous blog posts, and utilized search engine optimization tactics in the digital era. His successful podcast, allowed him to interview successful individuals and gain insights into healthcare, marketing, branding, demand generation, workflow optimization, and team building. He has collaborated extensively with diverse organizations, from startups to established firms, helping them navigate the complexities of modern business landscapes.

In his current role, Matt combines his healthcare insights with a robust knowledge of business operations and marketing strategies. He is particularly adept at diving into businesses’ structural and strategic layers to identify and implement optimizations that enhance efficiency, effectiveness and increase revenue.

His comprehensive consulting services cover brand development, team building, digital marketing, marketing automation, and sales enablement. Matt’s approach is deeply influenced by his life experiences and his belief in the power of transforming organizational culture to foster growth and innovation.

Matt’s true calling extends beyond the theoretical aspects of business. He values the human element that pulsates behind every venture. His experience during the pandemic underscored the importance of employee experience and teamwork in promoting a positive culture and reducing stress.

His passion for business consulting is rooted in his belief that a business is not just an entity, but a vibrant ecosystem of ideas, people, and aspirations. This makes him a unique and inspiring figure in the consulting world. The transformative impact of strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and a fresh perspective on businesses truly ignites his spirit. He finds satisfaction in partnering with visionary leaders, understanding their challenges, and co-creating tailored strategies that lead to breakthroughs. 

Performance Coaching:

Despite his shift towards business consulting, Matt’s coaching journey remains an integral part of his narrative. He started his personal development journey in 2017, exploring his thoughts and challenging the status quo. From diet and exercise to meditation and journaling, Matt delved deep into self-exploration, drawing inspiration from various thought leaders. As a registered nurse in the ICU, he witnessed recurring themes of suffering, which prompted him to question, “How can I help these people?” “How can I pour a positive attitude onto my patients to help them regain inspiration in life and create inner peace?”

In response, he began assisting his patients in changing their beliefs and perspectives on life, thus discovering his passion for helping others. He learned that the environment was a critical factor in creating true healing and transformation. This realization led him down the path of becoming a performance coach.

With over a decade of self-exploration, Matt concluded that our beliefs determine our life trajectory. He encourages individuals to unlearn what they currently perceive as truth, to dig into themselves to rediscover their authentic selves.

My Philosophy

Thrive Not Survive 

My philosophy of “Thrive Not Survive” is rooted in the belief in mastering your story, to rewrite the end of your story you desire. We have the ability to rewrite our disempowering subconscious programs. The belief structures that hold us back from living the life we desire. Your belief structures create an identity that filters your perception of your experienced reality. Neuroplasticity is our ultimate superpower, allowing us to take control of our minds.

Through various techniques of Somatic therapy, mindfulness, mind-body therapies, and bioenergetic analysis we can begin to understand the relationship we have between our physical being and energy.

Blissfulness is not something that you earn from outside; it is something that you dig deep into yourself and find.