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Matt Solarczyk

My journey began in 2017, with a deep desire to explore my thoughts and understand why I am the way I am. I have always challenged the status quo in life.

Since I was young, I had thoughts about what my mindset was. But in 2017, it all clicked, and I began my personal development journey by writing blog posts on personal development. I started by taking care of my body through diet and exercise and noticing how what I consume affects my state. The concept of “you are what you consume” made deeper sense, from food to books to friends to thoughts.

As I explored deeper layers of self, I drew inspiration from Alan Watts, Mahatma Gandhi, Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jordan Peterson, and more. I realized that self-awareness is one of the most important traits you can develop within yourself.

Meditation was one of the tools I picked up on this journey, allowing me to observe what is going on in my mind, body, and soul with focus, clarity, and acceptance of what is happening. Journaling became a creative outlet, which allowed me to identify my inner dialogue and become the observer of my consciousness. Over time, I began questioning deeper concepts about myself to understand my true essence.

As my self-exploration journey took off, I became a registered nurse working with patients in the intensive care unit. The experiences I saw in nursing changed my perspective forever, humbling me to realize how precious life is.

I saw recurring themes in healthcare that many of my patients suffered from. Even though the world is full of suffering, it is also full of people who overcome suffering. I noticed similar outlooks in my patients on life: playing the victim, having anxiety, depression, feeling powerless, losing hope, depending on medications for mental coping & etc., making them give up on the precious gift of life. I asked myself, “How can I help these people?” But ultimately, “How can I pour positive energy onto my patients to help them regain inspiration in life and create inner peace?” They can’t control the tragic life events that have taken place, but they can gain control over how they perceive these events.

Education is vital in healthcare, and patients need to feel empowered to leave the hospital. So, I began helping my patients change their beliefs and perspectives on life. After many compliments on how impactful people felt with me during their hospital visits, I discovered my gift and passion for helping others. I learned I love helping people, but my environment hindered me from creating true healing and transformation for individuals. Nursing was a catalyst that helped me discover my calling in becoming a coach.

Helping others gives me energy like no other. I want to continue to impact people and help them align to be their greatest expression of themselves. The world needs love, and I came onto this earth as a healer.

With over a decade of self-exploration, I concluded that your beliefs determine your life trajectory. Many of us have unexamined beliefs.

Your subconscious is lazy; it likes its programs. It feels safe in the patterns of the comfort zone.

These belief structures hold you back from living the life we desire. Our belief system creates an identity that filters our perception of our experienced reality. It may sound crazy, but we create unhappiness, and the goal in life is to feel blissed out by our nature. How do we start? It starts with YOU. Unlearn what you currently believe as truth. I teach a way of being, a way to experience life, and to live your true authentic self. The keys to your kingdom are within; let me help you explore the deeper layers of self.

Embodiment is, in it’s simplest form, living in your body.

Discover your freedom which comes from exploring the deeper layers of yourself.

The best investment you can make is prioritizing yourself.

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A program designed to help you

How do you find you?

Master the aspects of your reality.

With this program, you become intuitively aware of what is beneath the words spoken to yourself and to your outside environment.

Words have incredible power. Your language reveals how you see yourself. 

Sometimes this language operates subconsciously & betrays your character.

Language is a powerful tool. Words have energy, they have a frequency. When we speak them, when we hear them, consume them, they have energy. An energy that we embody.

In this program you will learn to detect the undertones that exist in your life + build the ability to see much vaster experiences. When we learn how to energetically read between the lines, our inner knowing, keen awareness of the energy of others, our reality will transform miraculously. 

Gaining added layers of information in all your interactions, you’re simply able to communicate with clarity + personal power.

In this program, you will no longer be blind to what you believe about yourself.

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